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MERIT Drug Court

Distracted Driving and Violation of Electronic Wireless Device:

Governor DeWine Signs Bill that Strengthens Distracted Driving Laws in Ohio

Distracted Driving Payment Options

Violation of Electronic Wireless Device Payment Options

Click the link below for the Ohio Distracted Driver Safety Course:

Criminal Forms:

Not Guilty Plea Form

Motion for Continuance

Motion for Temporary Protection Order

Appeal of Dog Status Designation

Sealing of Record – Process Information Sheet

Application For Sealing or Expunging Records

Policy for Granting Limited Driving Rights (Revised 4/20/21)

Request for Limited Driving Privileges

Payment may be made in person Monday – Friday from 8 am to 4 pm with cash, check or money order; mailing in ticket (signed on the back) with a check or money order payable to the Mount Vernon Municipal Court; by credit card online at; or paying by phone at 1-844-390-3558.


1. Payment is due by the arraignment date and time listed on your ticket.  If you require a continuance this must be done before the scheduled date and time.  If you fail to pay or appear, additional fees will be added.

2. Under Ohio law if you do not appear or pay this ticket, your driver’s license will be suspended or a warrant may be issued.

3. If you did not show proof of insurance to the officer you must mail or bring proof of insurance to the Court.

4. If you would like a receipt returned to you, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your payment.

License information can be found at BMV.OHIO.GOV

To learn more about our monthly pay-plans, click here


If you do not appear or pay this ticket a non-resident violator compact will be issued and your State will suspend your license.





1st offense within one year

  • 1-15 miles over – $155.00
  • 16-20 miles over – $165.00
  • 21-30 miles over – $175.00
  • 31 miles or more over – REQUIRED APPEARANCE

2nd offense within one year – add $25.00

Speeding in a school zone – REQUIRED APPEARANCE

Failure to wear a seatbelt charge (No other violation charged)

Seatbelt Driver – $131.00

Seatbelt Passenger – $126.00

No Child Restraint – $136.00

Seatbelt charge with another violaton

Driver – $30.00

Passenger – $25.00

All other minor misdemeanor traffic violations – $155.00


Other Traffic Offenses

Violation of Hands-Free Device – $180.00, 2nd in two years – $205.00, 3rd in two years – $230.00

**On a first violation, providing completion of the Ohio BMV’s Distracted Driving Safety Course to the Clerk of Court’s Office will vacate the fine (NOT THE COURT COSTS) and the 2 points assessed to your driver’s license.**

All charges of driving without ever having a license – $255.00

1st or 2nd offense within past 3 years for the following – $335.00

  • Permitting an unlicensed driver to drive
  • Driving under child support suspension
  • Driving under license forfeiture suspension
  • Driving under FRA suspension

1st, 2nd or 3rd offense within the past 3 years for operating with an expired license – $275.00

Operating Off State Route – $230.00

All waiver amounts include court costs




Disorderly Conduct (MM) – $265.00

Open Container – $165.00

Dog at Large (1st offense) – $165.00

Fail to License Dog – $165.00

All criminal waiver amounts include court costs


JANUARY 2, 2024

Basic Costs:

Local Costs – $58.00

Computer Fee – Clerk – $10.00

Computer Fee – Court – $3.00

Special Projects – $20.00

Total local costs for criminal and traffic cases – $91.00

When bond is posted or when the defendant is convicted, the Clerk will collect:

$39.00 additional cost for any case involving a moving traffic offense ($9 to the State victims reparation fund (R.C. 2743.70(A)(1)(b)); $20 to the State indigent defense support fund (R.C. 2949.091 (A)(1)(a)(ii)); $10 to various State and municipal funds (R.C. 2949.094(A))

$29.00 additional cost for any cases involving a non-traffic misdemeanor ($9 to the State victims reparation fund (R.C. 2743.70(A)(1)(b)); $20 to the State indigent defense support fund (R.C. 2949.091 (A)(1)(a)(ii))

$10.00 additional cost for any case involving a non-moving traffic offense ($10 to the State indigent defense support fund (R.C. 2949.091 (A)(1)(a)(ii))

Other Costs:

Appeals – $125.00

Bail Forfeiture – $25.00

Bail Surcharge – (must be paid to the Clerk whenever bail is posted for any offense other than a non-moving traffic offense – R.C. 2937.22(B)) – $25.00

Bind-Over Fee (charged when court holds a preliminary hearing in a felony case and finds probable cause) – $25.00

Checks returned for insufficient funds, are drawn on closed accounts or for stop payment – $25.00

Commitment – $10.00

Community Control

  • Supervision Fee I – as determined by community control – $200.00
  • Supervision Fee II – as determined by community control – $225.00
  • Supervision Fee III – as determined by community control – $250.00
  • Supervision Fee Very High ORAS – $275.00
  • Violation – $50.00
  • Early termination request (less than 3 years of supervision completed) – $100.00
  • Early termination request (greater than 3 years of supervision completed) – $50.00

Contempt – notice of – $25.00


  • Arraignment – $10.00
  • Other scheduled events – (excluding motions filed by the prosecutor) – $20.00


  • Certified copies – plus the per-page cost of copies – $3.00
  • Regular copies – per page – $0.05
  • Printout of court docket – per page – $0.25
  • Transcripts – original per page – $4.50
  • Transcripts – copy per page – $0.50
  • Video and audio recording of court proceeding – $5.00

Demand for a trial – (jury or court) – $10.00

Diversion Program – plus local court costs – $200.00

Driving Privileges

  • During an Administrative License Suspension or court ordered suspension – $50.00
  • Bureau of Motor Vehicle suspension driving rights application – $100.00
  • Reinstatement fee payment plan extension – $50.00
  • Request in change to driving privileges – $30.00

Expungement/Sealing of the Record

  • Sealing conviction or bond forfeiture – $50.00
  • Sealing finding of not guilty or dismissal – NO FEE

Failure to appear – $10.00

Immobilization fee – $15.00

In/Out Jail Fee – $5.00


  • Jury Notices – $25.00
  • Calling of Jury – $25.00
  • Jury Fees – (Per diem, per day) – $20.00

License Forfeiture – $25.00

Motion hearing – written – $10.00

Plea in Abstentia – $100.00

Post-judgment motions – $10.00

Public Defender application fee (R.C. 120.36) – $25.00

Public Defender recoupment fee – $50.00

Registration Block – $25.00

Registration Block Release – $15.00

Release of Forfeiture – $15.00


  • Certified Mail – $20.00
  • Express Mail – (at current U.S. Postal Service rate)
  • Ordinary Mail – $5.00
    Personal Service – (plus mileage at the current mileage rate) – $20.00
  • Service by publication – (plus actual cost of publication) – $12.00

Subpoena – (each name plus mileage or service costs) – $10.00


  • Ordered – notice of – $25.00
  • Issuance – plus service fee – $25.00

Warrant block – $25.00

Warrant block release -$15.00

Warrant to discharge – $5.00

Witness Fees

  • Witness mileage at the current State of Ohio mileage reimbursement rate per mile and witness fees for:
    • One-half day or less – $6.00
    • Full day – $12.00


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